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E.S.C Renovations, LLC

E.S.C Renovations

by Emanuel Scott Catuogno

Smart Home & Communications

    Smart home and communication is becoming one of the most high demand necessities with todays work and learn from home enviorments. Not to mention having high speed connectivity around house is must for all your gaming and entertainment needs to relax. We specialize in home networking, smart home upgrades and home servers.

Electrical & Plumbing

    Plumbing and Electrical are the heart of your house with out these two your home will be almost useless. Running water and working plumbing are always as we say a "oh sh** situation" but were here to help. Electrical runs almost every aspect of your house from lights, appliances and more and with power things usually come to a hualt weather it be work and play. In emergenmcy situations have proper shutoff for water/gas and/or backup power is a must.

Everything in Between

    With a little bit of everything in between. We can service your house, remodel, or just your IT Guy stuff but thats not all. We can build your fence, hang your cabniets, weld your gates, patch, repair and paint. There isn't much we can not do for you, gives us a call, text or email. Plesae leave a Name, Email or phone if you text or email us. Thanks

Phone: (805)-791-7791
Email: EmanuelCatuogno@ESCRenovations.com